Between the Blades

Yellow bells.
Usually the first wildflower to bloom on the prairie.
But look again.
See the old grass?  Still standing.  Still nutritious enough to make good feed for cattle.
See the green grass?  Here it comes… another season of food for cattle and wildlife.
Imagine it all gone… burned to a crisp by wildland fires.
That’s what’s happening in Texas.
1.7 million acres of ground have gone up in smoke.
Have you heard about it?  40 acres burning in California gets more coverage than what I’ve seen.
It’s a rural area.
No biggie.
Except for the farmers and ranchers that now have lost their grass.
I feel for them.
How do you raise beef to feed and clothe a nation (not counting the multitude of by-products) when they have no grass to eat?
Our biggest fire was 15,000 acres here.  That was plenty.
So to you in Texas…
I pray the wind stops, and the rains come, and soon you can have green growth again with perhaps a wildflower or two mixed in between the grass blades.
April 18, 2010   Agility
April 18, 2008   No entry.

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