Through My Windshield

We kicked the heifers and their babies out today.

Since the heifers are young, they didn’t really know where they were going… and that they should keep their babies with them.  They’d wad up and stop and we’d get ’em lined out sorta and they’d wad up again.  It’s hard to trail things when they don’t know where they’re going or where their baby is… We had one older cow in the bunch… but if we’d had a few more, it might have helped!
Oh, well.
For the last bit, I got to bring the pickup along.  And us Wyoming rednecks lead our horses this way.  There was a little baby calf in the back of the horsetrailer… and I wanted to be available to quickly jump on Panama’s back should we have a runback.  So… stick the reins in the window and lead your horse alongside your pickup!
The day had started off sunny, but had turned to chilly and windy by then.  I was very happy actually to ride along out of the wind and listen to the radio.
Worked for me!
Partly because I could watch this scene through my windshield.
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