Today on the Ranch


Just face it.
It takes us a good six hours to travel to that pasture and mother ’em up.
We paired ’em out of the pasture and took them to the house about a mile away.
That took a while after saddling our horses at nine as both boys had to top off a couple of horses… shall I tell on you, boys?
So we had a picnic lunch by the barn and let the cows graze a bit…  then at 1 or so, we threw ’em on the trail.
Lucas, Elsa, and I helped until we passed Bruner Draw… then we returned home and unsaddled and grabbed the pickup and horse trailer.  Vernon’s horse was too sore to ride… even though he had buted him up.  So Vernon went off to do other things…  If I left Panama behind, we had six horses and riders left… they could all be hauled back home in the pickup.  Plus… I could take Lucas with me and let him out if he needed to help.  I rode the pickup…
Nevertheless, I’m tired and ready for my bed.
So… today on the ranch…
Moved one more bunch of cattle to spring pasture… Fed 8 for lunch, 7 for supper… Tired dogs… tired girl.  One more bunch to go!
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