Well, well…

We did it.
Four trips to Shaw Pasture with varying amounts of cows and their calves and our yearling steers.
It is a LONGLONG trip with baby calves.
I puttered around on Google Earth and figured it was 7.5 miles *roughly*.
Roughly being the operative term here… baby calves don’t necessarily walk in straight lines.  Horses behind cattle don’t.  Dogs working absolutely don’t.  Can you calculate the ups and downs in elevation too? because, I’m sure it’s pretty much uphill the whole way…
Except for the *few* left to calve… a couple with too young calves to make the trip… or ones too lame to hike that far… they are all out there!
In no particular order or meaning… a few shots from the past few days.
Sorting out pairs… we had lots of help this day!
We’re being Good Dogs… and no, that’s not Dally on the right… it’s Jazz!
Keeping the book updated with how many were in this bunch…
Brandon and his roommate, G., have time for a story…
A nicpic, and a short nap was our celebration today…
Brown Horse, Panama, and the new horse get a break too.
Storm clouds along the Big Horns.
Stick us with a fork…
We’re done.
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