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In case you were wondering…

for those of you that are new to this blog… and there seem to be a lot of you!… during the first week of each month, I try to have a Q&A session.
So, let’s make this coming Thursday the Answer Day this month!
Post your Question in the comment section and I’ll try to answer them as best I can.
(For earlier Q&A’s see the left sidebar…)
I have an awesome prize for a fantabulous question this month… I’ll share a photo of it tomorrow!  To be in the running for it, you need to ask a thoughtful question…
The prize is definitely cool… and can be HOT!
On other notes…
We traveled to Sheridan today to visit a 93 year old former neighbor… it was great fun.  She is a special lady.
Lots of snow on the Pass… the snowfences were doing an exceptional job.
I have a fuzzy INSIDE my camera, which is ruining each and every photo I take.  <sigh>  Vernon calls it my “wild hair”… to me, it looks like a snake.
Or a sperm.
All three are gross.
and so, I call Panasonic in the morning.  Here we go again.
Yeah, that one could have been a cool photo…
And just so you know…
I couldn’t help myself!
I try NOT to look at statistics for this blog, but I got excited about a week ago.  My personal goal of 15,000 hits might be reached!  (I don’t count those months Shreve mentions me!  I’m trying to do this on my own! )
Today I looked.
We did it.
And more!
Thanks to everyone who came to Red Dirt this month… all 19,804 of you!  I am amazed and thrilled and excited and happy!  Keep telling your friends about Red Dirt… because my next goal will have to be 25,000!
Red Rover, Red Rover, send a friend or two over!
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