What Are the Odds?

The guys are happy here… they finally succeeded in getting some farming done.  The fields were dry enough to let them get the tractors in without creating ruts or messing up the grass and alfalfa.

I did some of my own outside work…
that’s why I’ve just taken some Advil!
This lawn is not near the size of my former one, but this one is horribly lumpy with nightcrawler “dens” or whatever they are called.  This lawn is one you wouldn’t want to walk barefoot in, you’d probably twist an ankle!  Ideas?
The grass is thin, the dandelions thicker…
The fence needs straightening…
The trees need trimmed.
I’ve raked leaves and sticks… and burned and raked some more… and barely put a dent in what needs done.
I turned over the little flower bed out front and planted onions.  My vegetable garden will be tiny this year!
But today was wonderful… blue skies, only occasional wind, birds twittering and calling.
Nice enough that the dogs sought the shade…
and drink!
I was desperate this morning with that “wild hair” in my camera.  After Panasonic told me it was no longer under warranty and that it’d take $130 to have them look at it… I took some canned air to the tiny crevices around the lens.
I wouldn’t recommend that.
I now have 20 dust particles sprinkled over the lens and the wild hair hasn’t moved a smidge!
I believe I’m back to my original two cameras again!  I have to recharge them, and so didn’t take a picture of my wonderful prize I’m offering to someone this Q&A… but I’ll tell you what it is!
I’ve had a Wyoming Wildflowers mug made…
Some awesome person that asks a question will win this 11 oz. mug.  Only one entry per person, so no need to ask my life history!
C’mon, send in a question, you know you want to win!  And your odds are fantastic!
Answers Thursday.
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