Dying Campfire

My day started early with an ambulance call, so I’m ready for bed!

After my return home this morning, the rest of the day seemed very uneventful, and yes, I start to worry about my topic for the evening.
Then while I’m doing dishes… I turned on my little tv.
I’ve never had a tv in my *kitchen* before, and half the time I forget it’s there.
I skip those reality shows.  I’m not a big fan.  Though I do root for Kirstie Alley, just cause I want her to show that big girls *can* dance.  But seeing how she did on the headlines on Yahoo the next morning is usually good enough.
Top Gear on BBC is a hilariously good choice most of the time, even if you’re not crazy about cars.
I’m not a fan of Taylor or Carrie, so those music videos are out.
Well, looky there.
Tom Selleck is on in Quigley Down Under.
The topic of the night is…
No, not hunky, good looking dream date ohmygoodness<squeal> kinda guys, those are tales best told over a campfire in select company!
The movie genre will little or no demand.  Supposedly.
My mom once told me that watching westerns with me was no fun after I married a rancher, because I’d say “You don’t do that…”  and it was true.  I grew up on Rawhide and Lancer and Cimarron Strip and Bonanza and Wagon Train and Roy Rogers and The Rifleman and every other western out there.  I was a tv watching fool back then!
Now that I can tell who can REALLY ride a horse… or rope… or whatever… I’m mighty picky about the westerns I approve of.  Which is also hard, because there are so few!
But Quigley… yup.  That’s a good one.  Watched it a zillion times.  Rent it though, because tv will edit out some good scenes.  When she says, “The Comanches came!” towards the end, I’m usually crying… then when he turns around at the end before he rides off, oh, my goodness!  I LOVE that.  Any western Tom Selleck is in is a good one, Monte Walsh, Crossfire Trail.  The guy does cowboys quite well… <sigh>
My family’s all time favorite is probably McLintock with John Wayne, but the Duke in The Cowboys is UP THERE.  I want a book on John Wayne quotes just to pack in my pocket.  I think he’s right there with Mark Twain as my all-time-favorite-people-I’d-like-to-remember-their-quotes!
Well, I now see that this topic is another perhaps best told over a dying campfire…  when we have a couple of hours… so…
What’s YOUR favorite western… or do you have one?  Did you ever play Cowboys and Indians?  What part of ranchlife do YOU find interesting?
Remember, send me a question and you’re entered to win a Wyoming Wildflower mug!  Answers on Thursday.
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