The guys rose early and went to help a neighbor brand.

I slept in.
I admit it.
I slept in.
Until 7:30 when my eyes flew open in a panic!  What was I forgetting????
I rolled over and grabbed my library book and SPENT THE NEXT HOUR IN BED READING.
I admit that too.
I’m rather bold today.
I coughed and hacked throughout the day, but otherwise I feel MUCHMUCH better!
A cold wind has blasted ALL DAY LONG, and though my original intent was to drive up to where the guys were and maybe take some more photos, I decided I didn’t need to be out in the gale force winds.
So today I just fiddled with little things, finished washing the branding dishes, put my name on my new mailbox (it’s inside), and reading.
Tough life.
I love it.
But you don’t come here to see how I’ve wasted my day…
Let’s see some branding photos!
Today, I’ll show you some teams…
there’s the Husband and Wife Team of J. and C. …
There’s the Father and Son Team of C. and B. …
There’s the Best Friend/Leave Us Alone We Can Do It Girl Team of Toria and S. …
And the No I’m not Picking on Him/Brother Team of Daniel and Brandon!
d&b db
But the one I’ll leave you with…
the one between horse and rider, as The Brown Horse and Brandon Team start to put the sneak on an unsuspecting calf.
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