Fickle Wyoming

Hard to believe, being the 19th of May and all…

but the Highway between Ten Sleep and Buffalo is closed due to snowfall.
Not just Powder River Pass, but the entire distance.
Of course, I do recall Victoria and I coming over the hill in a snowstorm in May…
1-3 FEET, yes, FEET of snow have been predicted for the Wind River and Big Horn Mountains, depending on who you listen to…
Lately, fellow (and much much much much more popular) blogger over at OMSH, has posted a couple of entries about Wyoming.  Dare I say, had she been a few days later… she may not have had such glowing accounts of Wind River Canyon and Dead Indian Pass.
Rain is predicted for Wyoming for the next week.
We’ve been in a drought for a decade and now it seemingly can’t quit raining on our plains… and mountains.
Texas, we’re ready to send you some rain…
That’s Wyoming for ya, she’s being a fickle girl this spring!
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