Still Watching and Waiting

To everyone that sent your concerns, well-wishes, and prayers… thank you so much!  It means a great deal that people across this country care what happens to us.  We’re healthy, the cows are ok, and all this causes for us is WORK.  Please keep the people that have lost their homes, belongings, family members, and livestock/pets from the wildfires and tornadoes of late at the top of your prayer list… they need it more than we do.

One of my mom’s frequent sayings… “There, but for the Grace of God, go I.”  I hear her voice in my head, and I know that this isn’t bad.  Yes, it will cost us work and time and money and loss of crops… but this isn’t *bad*.
If nothing else, ranchers tend to be optimists… “one more year”, “next year”… if you can hang on, you KNOW life/prices/crops/cattle will be good someday!
The water has temporarily receded… although a flash flood warning is still in effect.  We had two thunderstorms roll through today, mainly to the south and along the mountain.  We’ll see if/when it melts the snow that lingers on the hillsides.
That’s one way of washing off all the mud that’s collected on the gravel!  This is much better than yesterday… though water is still flowing across the bottom of the sidewalk…
The ditch is still running a very full head of water, and all these sticks will have to be pulled out… I imagine every ditch we have probably looks like this…
The field between the houses is still slurpy… and it’s easy to see where the flow of the water laid the hay down.
This fence will have to be moved back a bit…
This field is still being irrigated.  The creek *should* just wind around under the banks.
For now, we still watch… and wait… and see what’s coming next!
Uh, if there’s any bridge builders out there… tomorrow’s the post for you!  We need some advice.
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