A Lesson On Infrastructure.

“Infrastructure is the basic physical and organizational structures needed for the operation of a society or enterprise.”
Even to me, it was very obvious that this bridge had sustained damage in the floodwaters of a few days ago.
Where before this had spanned a sweet little stream…
It’s now an island in the middle of a torrent.
Even the back side is separate from the shore.
The road that led up to it is gone as well… but to move it to eventually meet with a new bridge… well, the irrigation ditch will have to be moved first!
Don’t forget bank stabilization and the actual bridge construction!
Good thing there’s a long way around the edge of the field… at least for now!
For those of you who are fans of Dally…
Here she is… moaning… breathing heavily… looking ready to pop!  We’re t minus 2 days and counting.  If she does it while I’m at work tomorrow… I’m gonna get sick and come home!
She’s taken to her birthing bed (ok, whelping pool) quite readily… I just wish she wasn’t as covered in cottonwood catkins like she is!  I keep brushing them out of her, then she goes outside and gets a new crop!  I hate those sticky things!
May 24, 2008   So Much to Tell , Blizzard

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