Questions and Answers – June 2011 Edition

It’s late and I’m just sitting down to do this… better get crackin’!


Lou Anne wrote:
Hi Carol, I was thinking about Dally trying to get in and be with Elsa’s puppies and not being accepted. Has Elsa shown any interest in the new puppies and if so, is Dally letting Grandma visit?

     Elsa actually did let Dally in with her last two litters… after a few days at least!  So much so that Dally actually nursed some of her little brothers and sisters.  Elsa does not get the same privileges with Dally’s litter!  Dally tries to be very protective of her pups and initially growled at her mom.  Elsa quickly turned around and put Dally back down in her place!  There’s been other occasions, Elsa hears me talking to the pups and comes in to beg attention as well.  Dally will growl.  Elsa will ignore her.  Dally curls a lip and Elsa is on her in a flash!  Elsa is still top dog!  She might sniff a pup, but she shows no desire to nurse one!  Been there, done that, I guess!  It’s OK if she stays a few feet away, but Miss Dally doesn’t want to share.


Marg in Mo wrote:
How did you train your first English Shepherd? I’ve always been curious about the dogs. How you test the pups to see which one goes to which buyer. How Lucas hurt his foot and how it is doing. I’ve looked and looked in past entries but can’t find the answer.

     Lucas was my first ES.  He was a breeze to train as far as basic obedience goes, then when we ran over him, training came to a quick halt.  Mainly he works off of instinct!  All my plans I had for him ended simply because he physically can’t do much, or I’m just over protective of him since I about killed him the One Time.  His foot injury is a result of nerve damage when we ran over him when he was 7 months old.  Placing pups is more about personality and less of a “test”.  If there are little kids in the family, I’ll match them with a bullet proof dog.  If it’s a single cowboy, he might get the aggressive going type dog.  I spend time with them in the next few weeks seeing how they’ll be… it’s not a science.



Taylor wrote:
Have you thought about keeping one of these puppies? Is there one that you would want most?

     Oh, yes, I’d like to see how this cross pans out.  I think Hustler has a lot to offer in working ability.  But I have 3 dogs.  I don’t need 4!  Right now, I don’t have a favorite… 


Ketra wrote:
How’s that saddle pad coming along?

Sat down before all of our riding last week or whenever that was… by golly, I was going to finish it because Vernon needed to use it.  About 15 minutes in, I broke my latch hook tool.  Now I was told it wouldn’t be tough enough, and to make one out of a nail… but I tried anyway.  A friend picked up a new latch hook at Wally World and I’ll be back in business as soon as I sit down again…


Darrell wrote:

I’ve been reading recently about the controversy on branding versus ear tagging in the western ranch states including Wyoming. I see you do both on your ranch. Can you tell us what your ranch position is on the subject and perhaps the pros and cons of each? Are you in favor of one approach over the other?

     I try to stay away from controversy here on this blog… but I can deal with this one!    Yes, we do both here.  But eartags are easily lost in this country and I can’t imagine not branding our cattle.  In wide open country like we have, where if a cow gets through a fence or two they can end up 30, 40 miles from home, if all she had was an ear tag to get her home on, with our luck she’d have ripped it out as she went through those fences!  There was a reason back in the day that they came up with brands, ear marks, and wattles.  We’ve dropped the wattles, and added ear tags.  All are needed to identify cattle.  Remember we run our hundreds of head with other ranches’ hundreds of head on some allotments… and I’ve seen people trail by pastures and pick up other people’s cattle without realizing it.  They might trail your cow home by accident and end up in Kaycee.  It’s happened.  Leather with brands is worth less, but honestly, I don’t see it influencing the price of quality steers.  We’ll keep branding here.  And using ear tags.


Alice wrote:
Are you a cake or pie person? Favorite type?

To make or eat?  I’d rather make a Texas Style Fudgecake anyday, just for ease, but I’d rather eat Pecan Pie, especially if I could taste all that gooey sweetness… and cobblers?  please.  If I’m gonna make pie crust, might as well make a cobbler… they last longer than pies!


pam wrote:
I voted!! Hope your picture wins!

     Pam, thanks for your vote.  I hope YOU win for voting for me!  In case you’re wondering, a photo of Johnny is up for voting in Beef Magazines’ contest.  You have to register to vote (very easy) but you have a chance to win a prize as a voter as well… if you think you want to do this… you can vote here.
That’s it for this time… thanks for your questions!
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