One of the Holes in Our Lives

Hiking along a few weeks ago…

technically it was May 3rd…

I snapped a quick shot of the newly worked field next to the creek… the red bank above was catching the sunset light… and I liked the brown/blue/red combination.
Not a great photo.
I take tons of *notgreatphotos*.
I just don’t usually share them!
Pay close attention to the richness of the field… how wonderfully ready for seed it was…
Look at the area just above the creek as it disappears around the bend to the right.  See that little point beyond the field above the rim of dry grass?
Hold that position in your head for a minute.
Now imagine yourself approaching this same little field from the left side, where the ditch runs with green new growth.  You *should* be looking across delightful sudan growing green and lush below the red bluffs.
Well, things change after floods.
This panorama has to be little to fit on the page here, but believe me, it’s not a little hole!  There’s your little red point on the left right above Dally.  Vernon figures part of it fell into the creek during the flood and sent water swirling out into the field.  I would have been standing way to the right in this picture when I took the first photo.
That little blob above the chasm on the mid right side is Lucas.
Does that give you any perspective?
The pretty soil is all covered in silt…
Vernon never got a chance to plant this as it started raining… and then the flood hit.
Vernon won’t mess with this… but he does have work to do on the irrigation ditch…
We went to buy pipe today.
Unfortunately, I have more “before” and “after” photos to share with you sometime.
There are more than this one hole in our lives right now.


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