You’ll Be Fine

As you’re reading this, I’m in Casper.

I’ve returned to my mom’s house for a special occasion.
My brother and sister-in-law now live in “Southfork”, as my dad named it.
<Any guesses to what his favorite TV show was way back when?>
Anyway, tomorrow we’ll be participating in the Jerri Burton Memorial Garden Walk.
Some special women from mom’s church decided that would be a great way to remember her… and so they have planned every detail.
We’re supposed to show up…
and, enjoy.
and not cry.
But it’s too late, I’ve already done that.
This time makes four.
But then I laugh… and wipe my tears away.
It is the absolutely perfect way to remember my mom.
Journeys have their ups…
and downs.
Just as long as you have Laughter and Love with you… you’ll be fine.
June 24, 2010   Cowboy Scheherazade
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