Jerri Burton Memorial Garden Walk

Didja miss me?

I do, indeed, love the “schedule” function of my posts… now I don’t feel like I’m leaving you stranded when I go off to some event.
Of course, we know how often that happens anyway, don’t we????
For those of you new to this blog, a quick explanation.
If you research old posts, you’ll see a gap of a few months beginning in December of 2009.  I lost my mother and my friend back then… and it was hard.  We were very close.  I can still just catch my breath at a fleeting memory and the tears come.  Like now.
Her good friends from the First Church of the Nazarene in Casper, Wyoming, decided to have a garden walk this year.  They chose to name it after my mother, avid gardener of flowers and vegetables.  This tour was to begin at her house, now occupied by my brother and sister-in-law.
I made a little sign with her garden hat, some flowers and ribbon left over from her craft stash…
A Mother’s Day scrapbook from a few years back was very appropriate… We all chose gardening as our “theme” background for our memories… and we never discussed it beforehand.  Gardening was just so much a part of who she was, and how she “grew” us!
Her perennials still shine on…
It was a gorgeously brilliant (even *hot*) day…
I’m sure she smiled to herself, seeing so many of her church friends enjoying her backyard.
There was laughter.
A few tears.
Some oohs and aahs and “that’s gorgeous”s.
A family photo of which someone will have to send me a copy.  <hinthint>
And a sense of knowing we’ll see her again someday.
In The Garden.
Rather appropriate, Mom… Good Job as usual!
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