So Thrilled

Goodnight!, these days are long!

Seems like I don’t sit down to write until 10:30 or so…
I’ve had the privilege the past few days of photographing a wedding on Sunday and engagement photos on Monday.  I was so thrilled.
Since I didn’t ask permission to share online, I can’t… or I won’t… whichever.
But both events were extremely fun to do.
Had I not been so frantic to make sure the video was recording the wedding vows, I would have cried… they were so sweet, so appropriate, and of course, well written.  The setting was beautiful with wildflowers EVERYWHERE… and plenty of family and friends (with excellent food, I might add!).
The engagement photo was one of my sons’ friends… and his beautiful girlfriend.  They made me laugh through the entire shoot… it is so Rewarding and Pleasant to see these guys maturing and moving into the next stage of their lives… though, A., we’ll never let you forget some of your more memorable childhood stories!
I took 300 photos at the wedding.
I took 100 photos for the engagement.
I took 70 the day before for the Garden Walk.
I can leave you with this one.
On a 90 degree day, 9 perpetually hungry pups, and a black fur coat… no wonder Dally looks so thrilled…  she is one hot momma.
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