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Sorry about that yesterday!

Our decision to go to the dance last night was swift and I had enough time for a quick shower and change of clothes… That was all I could manage to do to let you know I’d be gone…
I don’t believe we’ll be dancing tonight… it’s 9:20 and Vernon is still out working and I’m still covered in arena dust from helping man the ambulance today.
Daniel did NOT participate in the Wild Horse Race, which DID my heart good… although I understand the desire of young men to try their hand at it.  It must be like pursuing big game or climbing high mountains or discovering new territory in the past… something about testosterone and challenges.  But that doesn’t mean the mothers of adventurers liked it!
The parade is in the morning and the rodeo goes again in the blistering afternoon.  I imagine I’ll be around… I just can’t resist taking photos at rodeos!
It is just a frantic time of year, and this is the one holiday we try to enjoy… but there’s still work to be done.  We try for half a day of work, and then perhaps some in the evening.  The boys both have company.  Victoria and Matt were here.  You run into people you haven’t seen in a long time even though Ten Sleep’s population hovers around 300.  You try to grab a burger or an Indian taco or fry bread at least.  Water and lemonade are high on the list of beverages as beer lost its appeal when my taste changed.  It all tastes like wheat beer to me, and I’m not a fan!
I think I’m beginning to ramble.
I’ll sort through my pics and, of course, share some of my favorite rodeo shots throughout this holiday week!
For tradition’s sake, here’s C.  My boys’ friend.  Nice kid.  Always smiling.
He didn’t make it the eight seconds this year… but he’s still one of my favorite subjects!
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