Appreciate the View

The past two days have been Cowboy Days.  With the water situation finally resolved in one pasture, and the lease of another pasture, we could finally move some cattle to higher range!

Cattle don’t do as well in hot weather… and we’ve had plenty of that lately.  They were very happy to move up, knowing that fresh green grass and a cooler altitude was waiting.
Morning found us horseback at daylight, using every bit of the cool air to walk uphill.  Cows can easily overheat, and with no water along the way to drink, it would simply be a battle to move them in the heat of the day.
Cowboys get an early start.
Look closely, there’s a cowboy on the right skyline and cattle below and in front of him.  Hey, it’s dark-ish at 5:30!
I waved at one of my favorite chugwaters as I rode by…  I always feel like he’s watching me…
Hours later, Elsa and I rest on the “backside” of the herd, as the guys pair out on the “front”.  There wasn’t much shade for Elsa, obviously, but she appreciated what she could get.  Thankfully, there was a nice pond a mile further on… she loved that!
And I took the time to appreciate the view…
July 14, 2009   Twelfth Day
July 14, 2008   No entry.

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