Water Then Fire

Brandon and I were given the task of checking the neighbor’s pastures for our cattle, some of which decided to take themselves to the mountain pasture.

We rode the Tully Place… pics of that later.
We have a new colt, just turned three… nice, tall, and blue… and Brandon was aboard.  Well, this new colt has a strange predilection for wanting to roll as you cross creeks, which we had to do multiple times today.  Brandon was on alert, but that new blue horse is quick and after crossing in a semi deep spot (but still below my stirrups) I turned to watch Brandon.
Just in time to see Blue drop into the water!
He didn’t roll, but this pony is a Sea Horse!
Brandon was off and yanking him up and out of the water… but needless to say…  Brandon was a smidge damp.
I tried to be inconspicuous and have a little self control, but Brandon saw me.
“You want a picture?”
“uh, yes?”  <gigglesnort>
“Go ahead.  I’m here for the entertainment of all your blog readers everywhere!”
“Well, I won’t post it if you don’t want me to…” <gigglechoke>  “But it is kinda funny…”  <gigglecough>  “Could be worse, it could be COLD instead of HOT.”
“True.  Should I pour the water out of my boots or not?”
We carried on.
To bring this full circle, this afternoon a wildfire was spotted in one of our pastures.  We bailed into various fire fighting equipment, called it in to dispatch, and left to put it out.
It was not large, nor particularly damaging (burning junipers for the most part), but you can’t let them go without risking the entire country.
Brandon was right there, hauling hoses, spraying, chopping, and digging… riding on top of the old Jeep.
Water in the morning, then fire at night.
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