New Transportation

Yes, we have some new transportation around here and I’m pretty excited!

Let me give you some hints…
One is red.
One is white.
One is blue!
The first is Peanut.  Short and stocky.  Tons of power and go.  Yes, I wanted to change his name, but I think his name is stuck (to the roof of our mouths!)
Next is my new white Mitsubishi minitruck.  I’ve wanted one of these for YEARS… and I finally got one!
Last is CouldbeIke/Sabre/Rio depending on which name we settle on: the one on his papers, the one his previous owners gave him, or the one which we baptized him with after his dip in the creek!
He’s just turned 3 and does pretty good for a colt.  He has lots of filling out to do… but he is TALL.
So if you need to get somewhere… we’ve got the transportation to do it!
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