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Pretty much recovered… although I haven’t had a very stressful day.  The guys have, as they were called out on a lightning fire this afternoon.
It was popping all around us, and I was sent to watch for smoke around here, while the guys went to the fire.  The plan was to call dispatch and have them relay a message should a fire closer to home appear.
Thank goodness, I never saw anything… They easily can lay in wait for a day or two, so I’m on Smoke Watch the next few days!
I had time to compile a new movie.  It’s not one of my Minute Movies!  What I finally decided to do was take a 20 second clip from each of the movies I took yesterday and combine them to show how we progressed.
We begin before daylight, though it’s not quite as pitch black as the video would like you to believe!  Brandon heads through the cedars to join up with Daniel and I.  We’re kicking the cows into the corner, then wait for everyone to arrive to make sure we have all our cows. (Hopefully!)  Later, we trail along the canyon rim past the old cabin.  We hit the top and snake through the limber pines (speaking of which, for some unknown reason I didn’t film the humongous rattlesnake I saw there!)  Finally, everything is pretty much paired up, and trailing beautifully.  I LOVE that when it happens.  Unfortunately, after trailing for hours and hours, we end up in a boggy area.  The cows are thirsty.  The dogs exhausted.  The horses and riders can’t follow into the bogs… The dogs bark since they are so tired… Elsa has the highest pitched yap!  ugh!  For a little bit, I film from inside the pickup as I follow for a couple of miles, pulling the horse trailer.  Then we hit a boggy area around the little creek, and the dogs get a drink then chase a cow.  Get a drink.  Chase a cow.  We count them through the gate at the end and leave them to settle.  While the guys grab a nap, I sit by the little stream and listen to the cows find their babies…
That’s it!
Just little bits of my day.
Hope you enjoy my un-minute movie!

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