Minute Movie – “Bull Fight”

When you’ve spent thousands of dollars on a bull to improve the genetics of your herd, the last thing you want to see is two of them fighting.

Bulls weigh around a ton… and when fighting with another… injuries can happen!  Broken legs and broken, uhm… equipment… (remember, bulls are only good for one thing!) are distinctly possible.
We try to break up fights.
They can be lightning quick, so we use all we can at our disposal… dogs, horses, ropes, yelling…  Me?  I was on the colt… and I wasn’t getting close to them!
Brandon gets some last second advice from his grandfather and Daniel circles around the pond.  As an opening develops, they ride in to break up the fight.  Daniel continues after one bull, while Brandon has to turn the other one back the same way.  We were trying to get them in the corral over the hill.
Sorry about the quality at the end… riding horseback is much smoother than filming horseback!
<And this minute movie is 1 minute 52 seconds… long enough?  Don’t forget, I have other movies on vimeo!  The Virtual Cowboy Movie is LONG!>
Last chance for a question… I’ll answer them tomorrow!
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