Entrepreneurial Partners

What can I do with a bucket of rocks?

I can slowly… decorate my bathroom.
No, I didn’t finish, but I’m pretty far along in the process!
So, yesterday on my wanderings, I grabbed a few shovelfuls of teeny tiny eentsy weentsy rock.  It took forever, picking them up with tweezers!
I’m foolin’ ya.
I cheated and I stole it.
A couple shovelfuls out of one anthill… a few out of another.
<No ants were harmed in the making of this decoration project.>
I didn’t totally wipe out a hill, so neverfear!
Anyway…  I ended up with this!
Ye olde pail of pebbles!
Now… ya gotta rinse these puppies WELL, ‘coz there’s dirt and we’ll just call it ant “dirt” mixed in… blech.
After sitting in the grass, ignoring those three wet noses and occasional dog hair, and scrubbing away… about when you’re back is going to give out… just throw it out on some newspaper and let it dry.
Grape Nuts, anyone?
That’s definitely what it looked and felt like as I mixed in some clear glue.
I just then spread the pebbles out on my 3″ “chair rail” board (actually just some old paneling) and let it dry.
Notice the difference between the dry and the glued versions.  Since this is a water based product, I might buy some clear spray sealer to coat the final board with just to insure its waterproof-ness.
Once I get enough coats of pebbles on my boards…
and get them sealed…
and decide if I’m going to screw them down for easy removability or nail ’em down for permanent-cy…
They’ll look like this against my tilework.
Good job, little ants!
You did well matching my wall and tile colors!
A few more days, (well, maybe next week…), and I can show you my COMPLETED bathroom!
I may be coming up with some more ideas for those pebbles, too…  me and little ants… we could be entrepreneurial partners!
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