Shipping Day Scenery

We headed back up the mountain to ship those cows marked as “open”, or not pregnant… as well as those cows we “mouthed out”, checking for teeth loss due to old age.

The ol’ girls have done us pretty good.  We had to sell our last two red baldy cows because their teeth were just gone.  Now some ranchers might baby them along… they’ll pick back up and manage to fatten up again given a year or two… but, well, we just decide to send them down the road at this stage.  Ten years is pretty much the lifespan of our cows.
We also have their calves.
The cows must leave in the semi… the calves are now weaned.
We haul the calves to our corral down by our houses… and their poor pitiful bawling will serenade Daniel and Johnny for the next few days.  They’re perfectly capable of being on their own, they’re just gonna miss their warm milk snacks for a couple of days.
I went inside the semi trailer to discuss how many cattle the truck driver wanted… he has different sections that he can fill with different amounts of cows…
and I couldn’t resist this shot.
Shipping Day Scenery.
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