Of All Days

My sister and I spent part of yesterday trying to figure out how to get me a flagpole set up.

As usual, I’m too cheap to buy one… and the commercial ones are 4-600 dollars!  In my inexperienced view, a residential one doesn’t look like it’d handle Wyoming’s 40-50 mph winds!
I’ve ALWAYS had a flag pole of some sort…
I have a banner pole, but that’s not heavy duty.
I had an old power pole at my other place…
Here at the Mills Place, though, I needed *something* *anything*!
In my yard are various poles whose original duty was for guy wires for a huge antenna… One had caught our eye… and though it’s only 15 feet (or less), I finally decided it’d work for a single flag.
I wanted to paint it.
I didn’t have the right rope, or the right clips… and my poor flag.
Wyoming’s winds have whipped her around…
She’s not so pretty anymore.
I haven’t bought my solar light yet…
Things just weren’t perfect.
Look at her.
Today, of all days, look at her.
She’s beautiful.
She sends chills down my spine and tears to my eyes.
Goosebumps race along my arms and I am moved…
For those in the Towers and the Pentagon…
For those in the Planes…
For those who fight and protect this Country…  (A special thank you to my nephew R., who returned safe and sound from Afghanistan just a week ago.)
For those that go *towards* Disaster…
God Bless You.
No, she’s not perfect… but who is?
Today, of all days, she needed to be seen and acknowledged and thanked.
For I know, without ANY doubt, that this girl is the best of the best…
We haven’t forgotten.
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