Good Timing

While I was working at the library yesterday, the guys gathered our mountain pasture and kicked them into a smaller “holding” pasture.  That meant leaving first thing for the mountain to trail them down.

Dally was Dog of the Day… Lucas is prohibited from that drive, and Elsa would have been Extremely Sore… so Dally was on her own.

The guys were a tad worried we might have a recurrence of two years ago… so, with this front coming in, they said, “Let’s get ’em off!”
Today was cool.  My three layers turned into four pretty quick as little rainshowers kept circling us like vultures.  The wind added another layer of chill.


We gathered the holding pasture in good time, and as we’re waiting for Vernon to open the gate… I asked Daniel if he thought we got them all…  He agreed we looked pretty short, but it *IS* misleading once the steers are gone as well as the calves.  Vernon rode up and mentioned the lower gate was open… aha!  Case of the Missing Cattle solved.
We knew we’d find them at the next gate.
Down and down we dropped.  The cows were acting like they really were ready to head downhill.  I can share a movie tomorrow.  I *LOVE* doing this.  It is so NICE and QUIET and for the most part, easy peasy.


As we reached our pasture, we checked our water/generator and everything looked fine.  We loaded our ponies and the clouds that had been chasing us all day, set in and let loose.
It’s *STILL* raining three hours later.
Talk about good timing!


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