No Popcorn

Lest you doubted my story of rain yesterday… which continued throughout the night and morning and has recently restarted…

We’re almost to 2″ of rain… which, by Wyoming terms, is 1/7 of our yearly moisture!
When the clouds lifted this afternoon…
No surprise there.
Boy, I’m glad we’re not riding today!  My opinion on being a Fair Weather Cowboy increases every year!
We managed to dodge this bullet by a couple of miles…
I JUST realized I had promised a video tonight… and, of course, I haven’t got one done.  It doesn’t take long to make a minute movie, but uploading it and having Vimeo process it DOES.
I don’t know where my brain was…
perhaps chilled by all this rain???
I’ll go do that now… and have it for you for sure tomorrow.
If you REALLY REALLY REALLY need  a movie tonight…
Here’s my old favorite from a few years back.
Same people.
Same dogs (minus Lucas, this was the day I almost killed him… and while I was bizarro and DID film his behavior, I’m NOT sharing that!)
Same topic.
Different horses!
Longer movie!
No popcorn here.

Mountain Trail from Carol Greet on Vimeo.

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