Look at the Sky


Yay for me!

I actually DID put together a Minute Movie called Bringing the Cows Down.
To be honest… it’s a Two Minute Movie.
But everything was soooooo quiet and peaceful…  I just needed to share!
If you look at nothing else… look at the sky.
Oh, my!
Without further adieu…

Minute Movie: Bringing The Cows Down from Carol Greet on Vimeo.

Oh, yeah, last day for any questions that I’ll answer tomorrow!   Got ANY questions on country living, ranching, cows, or dogs?  Throw ’em my way!
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  1. Perfectly lovely, so quiet and peaceful – I absolutely love this video, thank you for sharing. (If I were young, and braver, I’d make that wonderful whinny my ringtone. Can you imagine?… Hehe.) 😉

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