Feel Inclined

It’s that time again.

Time for our major fundraiser for the Library and Ambulance.
It’s time for the Harvest Dinner!
Saturday night is our raffle, bucket raffle, and live auction for the library and donated items are coming in!
I donated this photograph… 16″x20″ printed on “canvas”… and mounted on foam board to the library live auction.

The proceeds from the dinner itself is split 50/50 between the ambulance and library.
The ambulance usually doesn’t do anything else… but, I donated another photograph… hoping to help out a little bit.
This one, one of my favorites from this summer, 16″x20″ on “canvas” and mounted on foam board is up for a generous donor to bid on!

Should you feel so inclined…
You can send me your bid limit and I’ll do my best imitation of ebay and just bid what you need to to win either, or both, of these!
Just email your bid to reddirtinmysoul at gmail dot com by midnight Friday.  The auction is Saturday, and I can let you know if you’ve won by Sunday!
Thanks for supporting the library and ambulance!
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