Irons in the Fire

Someday… perhaps soon…

I’ll sit down in front of this computer to post earlier than 10:30 at night!
Another long day…
Left the house at 7:30 and except for a quick shower and change of clothes, I haven’t been here til now!
No popcorn AGAIN!
Good thing I don’t get demerits for failing to post movies!
And I can tell you already… tomorrow will be the same!
Today, we trailed our last little bunch over to the neighbor’s corral to preg test them.  We, as in the guys, since my horse is on injured reserve.  We also pregged the neighbor’s bunch.
I rode up with the guys in the pickup and horsetrailer, and as they rode away, silhouetted against the rising sun, I HAD to take a pic.
Not quite the right angle to get the horses in the photo… but I have yet to be able to ask them to ride around until I get my “perfect shot”!
I jumped in the pickup and drove around to meet them at the corrals a few miles away.
They were moving right along!
After the pregging… they took off again… and I again, hopped into the pickup and shuttled it around to our mesa pasture.  With a little foresight, I jumped the 4 wheeler into the horsetrailer as I passed my house, and so was able to dump the pickup/horsetrailer/and a cooler of cold Pepsi and crackers! for them to use instead of riding all the way home.
I simply unloaded my four wheeler and was off for home!
That left me enough time for a shower and change of clothes and a mini “reunion” of some of us “vintage” Girl Scout counselors from National Center West.
That’s always a good time!
After tomorrow, I can show some pictures of my two little projects I’ve been sewing on… plus there’s that roadtrip movie…
Don’t give up on me!
I may have more than my share of irons in the fire, but sooner or later I get them done!
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