So Stoked II

Well, MOST of the out of state hunters have returned home… Wyoming deer, elk, and antelope fill many a freezer in Minnesota and Wisconsin!

Our guys have left as well, smiles on their faces and blood on their camo.

Last year, I talked of the gift our one hunter left me and I entitled the entry, So Stoked.
It’s not too hard to figure out what *this* entry is about!
Yes, he brought me *another* Round Oak stove.


Smaller, and in my book, much cuter!
The other one is BIG and STATELY and IMPRESSIVE.
This one is just…  CUTE!
This one is calling out to be in my art studio!  I can just hear it!
Vernon says it needs to be in Brandon’s metal shop… I say the ugly square 1950’s stove can be in the metal shop where it’ll be used as the practical wood stove that it is.
But this one…
This one cries out for adoration and care…
for loving caresses and appreciation!
I REALLY love my eensy weensy stove I have in my studio… but it is eensy weensy… and would fit in the bunkhouse MUCH better!
For now, the new stove sits in the garage, until I arm wrestle Brandon for it.
Maybe a game of scrabble?
No, wait…
Uh, Jenga?
Definitely not poker…
I’m a Mother, for heaven’s sake!  Perhaps I can *guilt* Brandon out of this stove!  Whaddya think, Brandon?
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