That Once Was

I see over on a famous “pioneer” blog that she’s getting a room remodeled by HGTV.

I’ve been wishing for “Yard Crashers” to show up here… but since I live four hours from a Lowe’s store… I can’t see it happening anytime soon!
Well, HGTV won’t be doing it… but something *might* be happening to my yard…
Right now, it’s my bathroom that I’m declaring finished.
I guess that’s the cool thing about DIY… it might take a year to get things done… not four days… but it is just AMAZING to look back at those “before” photos and say to yourself… GEE!  I *DID* that!
Today’s post is honoring the 1952 bathroom that once was…
It was “fake tile”.  Small sink.  Florescent lights that made you look green.
No, I do not have the fish.
Straight curtain rod… no “real” shower head.
Door that opened inward (and cost me space!) and painted cabinets.
The other corner… but this time notice the floor!
Tomorrow, the 2011 version!
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