Favorite Touches

To finish my reno post… a few of my favorite touches…

Fish ARE back in the bathroom… just not the ones from the ’50’s!   These are a little older… my dad’s fossil fish, plus one gifted from a friend, are hung with copper wire, patina already in place!  Though not thrilled with the look at first… it is beginning to grow on me.  Putting them in frames, trying a mosaic look… all were failures.  This one will probably last.
My open cabinet for towels.  I like it.  If in the future I get tired of it, I may buy some cool glass to frame it in with… or cheap glass I paint something on (like a fossil fish?)  But for now… this is it.
As tie back for my curtain (which matches my shower curtain perfectly, although I bought them in different stores at different times!), I used a fossil fish necklace I won during last year’s Open House/Silent Auction at the library.  I just put it on matching cord, and let it make a little statement!
I like that even as I touch up my ant hill rock border, you can’t see my screw head I just covered up!  The one on the right is visible if you look… though it’s covered now!   I may add a few more teeny rocks if I get ambitious, but only if I have lots of company peering CLOSELY at the border!
Lots of things fell into place for this bathroom… so it makes me think it was meant to be!   I’m happy even without HGTV’s input!
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