I have many things on my to-do list…

*Things like finish the stuff for Victoria’s nursery!  Two quilts and a curtain are finished… still working on the crib skirts!
*Order a new camera.
This one has had dust spots on every picture for about the last month.  I don’t believe they make a camera that will hold up to Wyoming dust!
*Design an advertisement for my Red Dirt Calendars.  I’ve ordered many many calendars, and so must sell many many many!  The ad will end up in the Wyoming Livestock Roundup next week.
*Get someone to help my haul a big shelf and two big wooden cubbies, so I can start organizing my craft room.
*Get someone to hold the panels while I disassemble the chain link kennel at Daniel’s.  Decide if I’m going to put it in this yard, or add to my Puppy Coop/Kennel complex.
*Hang something… at least ONE THING… on my wall every day.  I’m tired of empty space on my walls.  JUST DO IT, CAROL!
*Decide how badly I want some stuff… a garage door opener (my shoulder is voting for this!)… a copper woodbox for next to my old stove (in a different town)… some wool felting supplies (looks like an awesome craft – do I need another craft?)… some Annie Sloan chalk paint (ohmygoodness, it’s expensive!  but I have a chair, and maybe an old shelf that would look great in turquoise)
So, what did I do this afternoon instead of continuing on my fervent quest for completion of this list?
I took my dogs for a much needed walk and got some fresh air!
I have my priorities!
(No cat was injured in the production of this photograph.  It is a good thing:  1) The cat was fast.  2) My dogs are slow.  3) Cats can climb posts.  4) My dogs can’t climb posts. 5) My dogs know “Leave It” command, or it would have been a long night for the kitty. 6) The post was tall enough and sturdy enough to hold one very angry cat!

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