I apologize.

I didn’t realize how hard I’d made last night’s little cliffhanger!
But it *IS* nice to know you’re all back tonight!
I’ve blown up the original…
and added a nice vignette…
So, those of you who guessed “bone”… YES!
What kind and what part?
Why, my favorite… BUFFALO SKULL!
That’s the top 7″ of the left horn sticking out of the gravel.
Perhaps you recall when the floods hit in May… and I blogged about this particular spot in June.  All summer, I’ve meant to come REALLY search this area.  Yesterday was the day.
Boy, oh, boy!
And I actually made a movie about it!
For those on internet that can’t handle movies… RUN to your local library and use theirs!
OK… I’ll do some more stills tomorrow… and answer any questions you might have… It was *supposed* to be a Q&A day anyway!
For now… beginning to end… the excavation of my buffalo skull!

My Buffalo Skull from Carol Greet on Vimeo.

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Oh, and Happy 4th Birthday to Dally, Sage, Doux, Booger, Nick, Elle, Kay, D Dog, Skye, and Billy!  Good dogs!

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