I Forget

Lest you think I’ve been sitting here in the house, watching soap operas and baking bread all day…  talking to Toria for hours through our iPad2s’ Facetime (what a wonderful invention, Mr. Jobs and team)… You’d be (partially) wrong!

I have a slew of projects I’ve been working on!
First of all…
I finished Toria’s baby nursery curtains and crib skirts to match her quilts.  I might show you that, at some point, since there’s no reason to go to her house quite yet!
Then, lately, I’ve discovered Pinterest.
For someone who’s crafty or a diy-er or gardener or has interest in ANYTHING… Pinterest can be addicting.  I literally time myself, so I don’t spend too much time wandering around looking at ideas!  At some point, I’ll put a link up to my boards and you can follow me there if you’d like… but… my point was… on Pinterest I found out about making custom burp rags.
CUTE burp rags instead of just an ol’ diaper or blanket!
Best of all, within my sewing capabilities.
Who’d’a thunk?
I used some of Toria’s leftover flannel backing for one of her quilts… and old soft towels.  I saw them on Pinterest made from various materials… I imagine anything will work, if it’s absorbent!  The hourglass shape is about 7″ wide by 17″ long.  The shape lends itself to being tossed over your shoulder easily.
I went ahead and sewed my seam before cutting the towel too close to the edge.  It would move a bit on me, and this worked since I like things to go FAST when I sew…
Leave three or four inches open so you can turn it right side out… and then trim the towel with your scissors right up to the edge.
Reach in and turn it right side out… play with the seams so they are spread out fully and you get the nice hourglass shape back!
Get your seams turned under and pin them.  Top stitch around the entire edge making sure to pick up these edges and secure them.
Guess what?
You’re done.
That took about 5 minutes!
Here’s my assortment… flannel with towel backing… flannel with cotton backing…  and those fat quarters we bought trying to find the fabric we wanted to use on the quilts?  Why, I just squared them up and sewed them to some flannel and we now have bigger square burp rags… or little diaper changing pads… or nice little flannel blankies for those little bitty boys!
How fun.
Sometimes I forget… sewing CAN be fun!
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