Have a Seat!

Another project in the past few days was this chair.

It’s been sitting here since we moved in…
A very boring, simple, plain, little wooden chair.
This will be a shock to those who know me, especially my children, but I decided to PAINT the chair!  I hardly ever paint wood!
As a side note, I have a new favorite DIY blog… called GirlInAir.  She’s a fellow Wyoming blogger, living just “over the hill” in Sheridan.  (That’s BigHornBasin-ese for “over the Big Horn Mountains”)
Well, she is a BIG fan of something called chalk paint.
I *almost* bought some… but with Christmas coming on… and a quart of turquoise paint already sitting in my basement… I figured I’d try the look without the authentic stuff.
So I wiped it down… sanded it… and did a poor job of it… My hopes being that the paint would adhere only in some places, letting the old wood show through in some places.  I am going for the “antique” effect here!
I dry brushed it in no time at all.
Then there was that seat!  It was in good enough shape, but kinda… uhmmm… yukky.
I fixed that with some Fantastic and a scrub brush!
It was actually the color I would have chosen to match my kitchen!
Minimal sanding.
Minimal painting.
Some scrubbing.
In an hour and a half… voila!
It really is too short for my countertop height, but it looks absolutely stunning!  With my other little pops of turquoise and blue around (dish towels and pitchers on display) all my earth tones are becoming the background for pleasant surprises!
It’s becoming more and more of a home around here!
Come on in, grab some coffee, and have a seat!
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