A Different Perspective

We retagged our replacement heifers today… making them “official” members of our cow herd.  You know the drill… getting new large tags and new numbers as opposed to their little tags that matched their mommas’ numbers… an age brand (this year it’s a 0)… and a nice new green tattoo.

I’ve documented this in the past… and was looking for a different perspective.
I found one.
A local banker and his young son came out to help us today.  They were great help and we ran the heifers through in good time.
As is the norm for 10 year old boys… he wanted a little more adventure than standing around a squeeze chute passing tattoo applicators and green inked toothbrushes back and forth.
His dad suggested a hike up the hill.
I suggested he take my old camera (the Panasonic with the dust spots) and take as many photos as he wanted…  he sure couldn’t hurt it!
Off he went.
I now know what we look like as we work our cattle from a bird’s eye view!  Well, if it was a pheasant…
Then he climbed even higher.
Just what I was looking for!
Then he used the zoom… and found us at work…
Then he really gave me a different perspective…
I *LOVE* ten year old boys!
They make me laugh so!
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