Dala or Notdala

Tonight was the Open House/Silent Auction at the Library.

I was in charge of decorating… and true to form… at the last minute, I’ve been trying to finish up some tree decorations for our “Scandinavian” tree.

I made dala horses, well, *MY* version of dala horses.
They are typically red.
Mine are blue.
And white.
They don’t have protruding tails, manes, and forelocks.
Mine have tails.  And manes.  And forelocks.  We’re all horsey people around here, and non protruding tail-less/mane-less/forelock-less horses are just WRONG.
They are usually carved out of wood.
Mine are of felted wool and felt and yarn.
So maybe I should just say…
I made some blue and white ponies for my blue/white/silver Christmas tree at the library.
It was fun.
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