I Know, I Know

I know.

I know.

I took off without officially telling you where I was going… even basically what the Sam Hill was going on!  But if you noticed my tweets on the left sidebar… you had a clue.

I’m at Victoria’s home… helping with the twins!

I wanted to blog.  Really, I did.  The first day or so was poor internet reception.  Plus, I was here to help, not blog.  Since she’s an iPad family too, blogging was still not available even if the internet connection was good.  I sure wish Apple/Flash/GoDaddy could get their acts in gear.

She then offered her work computer and I almost stole it last night, but forgot to ask the password before she went to bed!  Now, I’m lined out and here I am once again.



The boys are around 6 pounds now and doing well.

They are NOT identical.  They do look alike, however!

They do tend to favor Matt at this point, but with Victoria’s babybook in hand, I can prove they *do* look like her, too!

They are on a three hour schedule and they’re amazing how well they stick to it!  I guess they were well trained in the NICU!  I have about 45 minutes before the midnight round begins.

I don’t have problems with the midnight round.  It’s the 3 am round that is a killer.

You know that lunar eclipse the other morning?  I was gonna witness it… but had fallen back asleep at 4:30.  Didn’t wake up til after 7.  Bummer.  This morning I slept until 9.  I don’t remember the last time I did that.

It helps that they have blinds and curtains.  My house is so full of light, it’s pretty difficult to sleep in unless it’s cloudy outside!

As far as ranchlife goes… our cull heifers sell tomorrow in Riverton.  If you’re looking for a great bunch of replacements… there’s your chance!  I’ll find out some more from Vernon, but ranchlife stories are gonna be on hold for a while!  I might get around and introduce you to Kaycee, Wyoming if I get a chance.  And I did bring a craft or two to work on while the boys sleep!

I know I missed you guys… I know I plan on stealing this computer again!

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