Wow. Simplicity

Ok. Now that’s just plain stupid. I’ve called go daddy multiple times… Never did anyone suggest their remote blogging feature by email. They could have had a much happier client if they’d told me about this! I just found it wandering around my settings…

Certainly, it is limiting… No hyperlinks… Well, let me check that… That’s the entry for last year. If it hyperlinks in my post… Cool!

So then I need to work on photos… I’ll have to figure that out…

I’m just happy! It may not look great, but I can still say hello!

Thanks for the nice sentiments. I agree, this is where I should be. It is tiring, but then not as much for me as Toria. She still has to do lesson plans and grade papers, etc.on top of the twins’ care.

I’m so psyched.

Shoot, I can do this about as easily as tweeting!

I have to get some sleep, though.

Tomorrow. I’ll talk to you tomorrow!


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