I’m home.
I left Kaycee this afternoon, positive that Victoria can handle those boys!  She might need an extra hand or two on occasion… but in the past few days, she’s become an expert on tandem feeding.
It is an art.
The boys are getting it figured out as well.
I’ve learned a great deal about twins… and preemies… in the week I was there.  Things will just keep getting better and better, without a doubt.  They’ve each gained 7 ounces this week!
Fat cheeks and smiles… that what it’s all about.
So now I head to my own bed… and a full night’s sleep… but I’ll be thinking of Toria.
The midnight feeding.
The 3 am feeding.
The 7 am feeding.
All it’ll take, Toria, is a phone call… and I’ll be right back there!
I’m missing those little tootsies, already!
December 15, 2009   Car Broke
December 15, 2008   Cousin Robb 2

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