Root Cellar

To all my new readers, welcome!  Glad you came on over… hope you enjoy getting some Red Dirt on your boots!

This blog tends to be:
part ranchwork
part Wyoming
part crafts
part D-I-Y
part dog
part family
part cow
part horse
part wildlife
and part photography!
Fair warning: There is no rhyme nor reason to the order of it!
I’ve been playing with the color accent on my new camera… and Victoria played some with it as well…
I’m stealing her photos, though they were on MY camera…
Here’s our root cellar.
Just a root cellar.
How about a root cellar in black and white?
Just a root cellar in black and white.
Pick out the green door…
It’s a spectacular root cellar now, dontchya think?
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January 3, 2011   Project Failure
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