Wordless Wednesday – “Friends”

For my not quite so Wordless Wednesday…

a poem!
On a dark Wyoming hill
sits a pump jack all alone.
Red lights shimmer upon it
and give a sense of home
To a tiny deer perched high
upon its glowing back.
An unlikely team of spirits
in the deep and endless black.
Together they make a beacon
to travelers near and far.
This time of year rings special
for friendships where’re they are.
A shoulder to rest upon
while searching for a goal,
Is the best some friends can offer,
it’s the reason for their soul.
But to rest a minute there
with twinkling lights ablaze,
Is what we all should hope for
at the ending of our days.
A good friend to help you there,
Where’er you want to go,
Or one to keep you company
in the dark and cold and snow.
Pump jack decoration along Highway 16 courtesy of your oil and gas companies!
Time’s up for the contest… winners posted tomorrow!
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