Well, it’s quiet here.

No pack ‘n’ play in front of the door…
No bouncy chair in the corner…
No baby bottles on the counter…
No warm little one to snuggle with…
They’ve headed back to Laramie… and it is amazing how quickly we settled into the routine of having three more people in this house… and now they’re gone!
We miss them already!
No more excuses on refurbishing this blog!
There are changes on the way… and over the next few weeks, you’ll see them appear.
As always, I appreciate your input, so let me know if there is something you’d like to see, something I need to rearrange, something you think would add to the content or eye appeal of this blog!
Put on your thinking caps, there may be a survey or two headed your way!
Don’t forget… we’ve a Question and Answer Session on the way for Tuesday… and be prepared, this will be like nothing you’ve seen here before!  I have only two questions at the moment, so add yours today!
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