According to Plan

Well, things didn’t work out quite like I had planned… so I was not a partner in the badlands roundup today…

I stayed in… organized on my craft room a bit… went through some boxes of my old stuff… got things ready for… get this…
It will be a while before it gets INSTALLED… but it’s sitting in my basement looking gorgeous.
My old one is a Montgomery Wards… gee.
Anyone remember Monkey Wards?
It still works, but not good enough.  I want enough hot water to shower AND do dishes AND a load or two of laundry.
Oh, yeah, I’d appreciate it if Vernon could shower, too.
Anyway, sorry to disappoint on the cow work plan… but I’ll be doing SOMETHING tomorrow, as I have to run Vernon up to the other place in the morning… and the majority of our cows still have to come home.
A storm is expected here Monday… it’d be awfully nice if all of the cows would make an appearance before then!
Sometimes, things don’t go according to plan…
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