Minute Movie : “Big Country”


I made it out there.
Vernon really wasn’t too concerned about leaving the pickup and horsetrailer out in the Badlands… but I volunteered to go along and bring it home anyway!  I could have stayed home, I think, fairly easily… but it just doesn’t seem right!
There were plenty of neighbors riding… and John, Vernon, and Daniel… so they really didn’t need my help…
The day was nice, though breezy, and I can’t pass up these opportunities!
Besides… I HAD to take a picture of this!  Looks mighty fine, if I do say so myself!
I also took a Minute Movie for you… and it is actually TWO minutes!
Who knew it would take me two minutes to turn around in a circle and do some amazing zooming in on the gather in progress!  Yeah… My Canon is still getting good points!
For those of you who are new to this blog… We’re gathering our cattle out of this shared BLM pasture and bringing them home to feed them hay.  Every ranch rides, throwing the cattle together, and then sorts them the appropriate way and trails them home.
I’ve shuttled our guys to the far side of the pasture… let Dally chase some cows down the road for a bit… but had to abandon ship when they went on a smaller road I was unwilling to follow with my horsetrailer!
(If you’d like to see some other stories about it… check my monthly archives on the left sidebar!)
I’m headed home, but paused along a ridgetop to show you the Big Horn Basin!  Well, not all of it, just our little corner!
I think it qualifies as Big Country!

Minute Movie : “Big Country” from Carol Greet on Vimeo.

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