How To Switch Your Blog to WordPress, Step One

I’m busy busy with this blog… can you tell?

I know… the switch to this layout was the first of a *few* changes… or so I thought.  It’s turning into a much LARGER project.
After traumatic phone calls…
lots of *bangsheadondesk* action…
a few tears…
more than a single expletive phrase being tossed around my empty house…
and heavy sighs…
I have come to the decision.
I am currently printing off ALL, yes, ALL of my blog entries.  Why?
Because the way people explain it to me, when I switch over to WordPress, all my text goes over easily.  The photos do not travel over.
Along the way I’ve kept my photos in a separate folder, so I know where they ARE… but I’ll have to put them back in BY HAND, and figure out which one goes where.  I hyperventilate every time I think of putting photos in manually.
But I want this blog to grow some more… I’ve wanted different pages for years… a blog that was easier for people to sift through… and since we all know how growth can be painful… get ready for a rough ride!
Why am I sharing my pain?  (“I NEED my pain!” ooohh… do you know who said that in what movie?)… because I thought, if there was a special entry, one you’d like to save and print and share with friends, that I’d tell you to go do it now!!!  If you click on the individual entry, down by the bottom where the comments are, is a teeeeeeeny tiny little printer.  Click on that and it’ll give it to you in printer format.  Handy dandy.  I figured that all out all by myself.
When I *DO* switch over, and I will soon enough, you’ll have that neato frito story in your paws, photos included, and if it takes me a bit to get to that entry and re-enter those pics, you won’t care.
You’ll be prepared.
And if I have been anything exceptional in this life… I believe I was a good Girl Scout leader and counselor… and I *want* you to BE PREPARED.
Also, uhhh… some of my entries have a great many photos with them… you might want to stock up on paper and ink!
Get Ready for Step One!
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