Mighty Fight

Believe it or not, it’s 41 degrees outside and RAINING.  I know Western Wyoming received up to 13″ of snow today, but here, we have rain.

Rain on top of snow, for those of you who live in the tropics, makes for what we here in Wyoming would call “OneHellOfAMess”.
When it dips back down below 30 degrees, and it will…
we’ll have ice EVERYWHERE.
The nice kind that sneaks up on you as you are climbing in or out of a vehicle… just lift that one foot up so you’re unconsciously hoping gravity and friction will hold you in place, and wham! you’re under your car door looking up at the pretty stars.
The kind that puts freezing coats on doorknobs, gatehandles, pitchforks, and wagonbeds, so your gloves can stick to them and sear the cold directly to your nerve fibers.
The kind that turns hay bales into ice cubes… requiring an axe or pry bar to separate them into flakes.
Getting the picture?
I have recently purchased a weapon in the mighty fight against ice!  I’ve wanted these for years, and I finally got around to getting some!
My trusty Muck boots, though I love ’em, are slicker than snot in weather like ice (no, I don’t own the Arctic style… guess I should buy those next!).
This is the answer… you can buy Yaktrax, a set of rubberized “chains” for your boots!  Stretch ’em over your boots and voila!  TRACTION!
They work!
They’re comfortable enough to wear all day.  I wore them vaccinating the other day… good thing, too, it was pure ice around the chute!
But the coolest thing about Yaktrax?
I can find my way back home in the snow!
(Muck Boots and Yaktrax don’t know who I am, nor did they pay me anything for this endorsement… )
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