Minute Movie : “Bovine Breakfast”

Every morning across this country… men and women leave the comfort of beds and warm houses and head out into the cold and snow and ice and wind and mud.

With pitchforks and feeders, tractors and hay wagons, wheelbarrows and four-wheelers, they haul breakfast to their anxious audience.
They pitch alfalfa hay or peanut hay, “cake” and corn, grain and grass.
With methodical precision, breakfast is chewed and gnawed, ground and crunched, each animal to its own.
Nevermind that you’re tired, sick, sore, or freezing… they are yours to care for.
They don’t care if it’s the weekend, a government holiday, your birthday, or Christmas.
Whether ewe or pig, horse or chicken, you don’t ever want to fail them, so we wrap ourselves in another layer, and head out to feed some bovines breakfast!

Minute Movie : “Bovine Breakfast” from Carol Greet on Vimeo.

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